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Data Visualization for Data Analysts

Course Price

INR 14,000

Course length

60 Days

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Data Visualization for Data Analysts


Pratibha Sabharwal

Sr. AI & ML Instructor: Specialized in ML, NLP, Google Cloud, Azure, OPENAI, API Integrations. AI Application Development, Python

About the course

Data visualization is the art and science of communicating data through visual elements such as charts, graphs, and maps. It is a powerful tool for transforming complex data into understandable and insightful information. Learning data visualization can open up a world of opportunities for data analysts, data scientists, and anyone interested in making sense of data.

This course focuses on using data visualization for exploratory data analysis (EDA) and machine learning applications. It covers topics like feature visualization, model evaluation, and communicating insights from machine learning models using data visualization.

Whether you're a data analyst, data scientist, communication professional, or simply interested in making sense of data, learning data visualization can empower you to transform data into meaningful insights and communicate them effectively.

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