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Join our course and learn how to build next generation web applications using react js

Language: English, Hindi

What you'll learn

  • Fundamentals of React.js like features history, versions

  • Setting up the Development Environment

  • Create-react-app

  • ES6 Essentials

  • JSX, Components, Props

  • State and Lifecycle Methods

  • Events

  • Conditional Rendering

  • React Router

  • Forms, Lists

  • React Hooks

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₹ 16,999

₹ 19,999  

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This course includes

  • Duration: 7 - 9 Weeks

  • Online Training

  • Self-paced videos  & Direct 1-on-1 sessions

  • Certificate of Completion

Course Content

React Introduction

  • What is react?

  • React features

  • React History

  • React Versions

Getting Started

  • Setting up the Development Environment

  • Create-react-app

  • Creating first React App

ES6 Essentials

  • Classes

  • Arrow Functions

  • Variables

  • Array methods

  • Destructuring

  • Spread Operator

  • Modules

  • Ternary operator


  • What is jsx

  • Creating JSX Components

  • Expressions in JSX

  • Conditions in JSX


  • Functional and Class Based Components

  • Rendering a Component

  • Nesting Components

  • Components in a File


  • What is Props

  • Passing Data with Props

  • Adding Props in Class Based and Functional Components

State and Lifecycle Methods

  • State Introduction

  • State in Class Based and Functional Components

  • Lifecycle Methods in Class Based Components

  • Lifecycle Method in Functional Components


  • Adding Events

  • Passing Arguments in Event Function

  • Event Object

Conditional Rendering

  • Rendering Elements with a condition

  • Inline If with Logical & Operator

  • Inline If-Else with Conditional (Ternary) Operator


  • Rendering a List with Map

  • Keys


  • Adding Forms in React

  • Managing Input Values By State

  • Handling Forms

  • Submitting Forms

  • Multiple Inputs

React Router

  • What is React Router

  • Adding React Router

React Styling

  • Inline Styling

  • CSS Stylesheets

  • CSS Modules

Making Requests

  • Fetch API

  • Axios

React Hooks

  • useState

  • useEffect

  • useContext

  • useRef

  • useReducer

  • useCallback

  • useMemo

  • custom hooks


  • Interest to learn programming

  • Computer with internet access

  • A computer - Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported. Setup and installation instructions are included for each platform

  • Basic English understanding

  • Basic Mathematical arithmetic


Codersarts offers online private training for developers on React JS. Get up to speed with the latest version of React.js and extend your team's capabilities with the new JavaScript library. Our expert trainers lead you through best practices for structuring your code, managing data flow using functional programming, working with APIs, and more.


This React course gets you coding right away, and it's packed with valuable demos, presentations, and projects that will get you started on your coding skills right away. You'll pick up the fundamentals of React JS by creating a template starter app, and building features as we go--including editing lists, collecting new data in forms, validating input, paginating your lists to load more content on demand, styling your components with CSS Transitions and CSS Grid layout, and debugging your code.

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