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Full Stack Development Program

Build your career in full-stack development by working on live tech projects and having a higher chance of being hired by a top tech-giants company.  Indulge with building modern applications by working in real development environment experience using most demanded skills like React, MERN, JavaScript and Java eco-system.

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EMI Starting at

₹ 4,500/month

Total Program Fee

₹ 27,000
Next Batch Starts: First Week of The Month
Program Duration: 6 Months
Learning Mode

Limited no. of seats available

At 10-15 hours/week


Key Highlights of the Full Stack Developer Program

Succeed as a new-age Full-Stack Developer with our comprehensive project-based learning program. Learn full-stack development by mastering JavaScript, React, Express, NodeJS, MongoDB (MERN stack) and more through internship-grade projects, hands-on activities, and immersive workshops

  • Online Sessions + Live Lectures

  • 5 Projects and Assignments

  • Personalised Industry Session

  • Student Support available all day for your convenience (24*7)

  • Software Career Transition Bootcamp for non-tech and new coders

  • No Cost EMI Option

  • 10+ Programming Tools & Languages

  • Capstone Project

  • Direct access with expert to Clear doubts and asking queries 

Who Is This Programme For?

Software Developers, IT Professionals, Engineers, Analysts, Tech Support Professionals, Freshers wanting to kick-start their career in software development

Bachelor’s Degree with 50% or equivalent passing marks. No coding experience required.

Minimum Eligibility
Top Skills You Will Learn

Fundamentals of Computer Science, Software Development Processes, Building Robust and Scalable Websites, Backend APIs, Rich and Interactive Web UI

Job opportunities

Full-Stack Developer, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, UI Developer

What projects will you build?

Feel confident in your next interview or excel in your current role by learning in-demand Full-Stack developer skills through our carefully curated hands-on, project-based full stack program.

Basic projects for fundamentals

This project will focus on website layout design, Font selection, Color Selection, alignment , adjustment, exploring different controls and element based on use cases. Project selection done by course instructors based on user interest and relevances.

Technology Focus: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap 

Projects: A Personal Portfolio Page, Creating a Restaurant Website etc.

What'll you learn?

  • Creating Layouts, Adding Images into a web page,designing lists by colors, background colors and
    font families. You will also learn to add links on text or images.

  •  Designing Image layouts, adding links, forms, designing navigation bar, etc.

  • Installations, Environment setup and understand basic notions, terminology 

  • HTML elements and use

  • Styling using CSS

  • JavaScript fundamentals and adding programming capabilities to pages

Frontend projects

In Front-end projects, Our main focus will be design and implementation of the interface and  how users interact with your platform, and the individual components that execute its functionality. Everything from search bars to interactive buttons falls under the umbrella of front-end development, which spans the breadth of all elements a user could interact with on your site.

Technology Focus: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React Js

Projects: React Calculator, Weather App

What'll you learn?

  • Understanding client and server concept with response and request

  • Handles requests from client and process the request with backend responses with data

  • By building this Application you will get the knowledge of working with API returned Data which is

  • commonly in JSON. This project will also teach you how to add routes and use API’s data in a decent

  • You will learn the rendering of elements, managing states, lifecycle hooks, styling of components,

Backend development projects

A back end developer takes care of the “behind the scenes” matters such as infrastructure and databases. 

Technology Focus: Node.js, Django, Spring Boot etc. 

Projects: Create a REST API in Nodejs, Task Roster System

What'll you learn?

  • Nodejs, REST API’s, Postman 

  • You will learn how can we create REST API’s in Nodejs and test them through Postman. You will also
    understand the folder structure for the project and JSON format.

  • you will get the knowledge of working with Nodejs and manage users data, Login/Signup, Databases, etc. This is a great project which will give you a glimpse of how a real
    nodejs application look like.

  • Communication with database

  • Rendering data sent by backend server

Full Stack development projects

This is very basic project for Full stack developer that will help you to understand the flow / pipeline of communication between front-end(Client side) and Back-end (Server side).

Technology Focus: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React Js, Node.js, Express and MongoDB

Projects: CRUD App, Create a Blog Post Application, Travel Log App / Dashboard / EMS / CRM, Build an Ecommerce Application

What'll you learn?

  • You will learn a lot of things in this project such as Database CRUD operations, Building and
    Connecting Front End to Backend, Managing Databases, Making Requests to Backend, Designing
    Front End UI in react,etc.

  • Connecting Front End to Backend, Managing Databases, Making Requests to Backend, Designing
    Front End UI in react, Adding payment Gateways, login/signup etc.

  • By building this Application you will get the knowledge of working with Nodejs and manage data in
    DB, Login/Signup, Databases CRUD operations, Making Requests to Backend, Designing Front End UI
    in react, etc. This is a great project to test your MERN stack knowledge.

Technologies you will learn


  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Bootstap

  • JavaScript

  • React.js


  • Express

  • Node.js

  • Spring Framework

  • Rest API

Database & Tools

  • MongoDB

  • MySQL

  • Oracle

  • Docker, Linux, Git


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects

Popular Stacks


MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js.

MERN Stack: MongoDB, Express, ReactJS and Node.js

Java full stack

Spring Boot, Java web development using Java EE or J2EE.

Django Stack

Django, python and MySQL as Database


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