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Full Stack Development (MERN)

Become a Full Stack Web Developer Learn Javascript, HTML, CSS, React and Node from the best full stack experts.

Language: English, Hindi

What you'll learn

  • MERN Stack complete knowledge

  • Frond-end - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js

  • Back-end: Node.js, Express.js

  • API: Building, Calling and rendering API

  • Database: MongoDB

  • Projects completions

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₹ 24, 000

₹ 30,000  

Discount 20 % off

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This course includes: 

  • Duration: 5-6 Months

  • Online Training

  • Direct 1-on-1 sessions

  • Certificate of Completion

Course Content

Introduction to Web Development

  • What is web development?

  • How websites work?

  • Advantages of learning web development

  • History of web Development


  • Introduction

  • Headings, Paragraphs,Formatting

  • Images, Lists, Links

  • Tables, Forms

  • Iframes

  • Media (Video and Audio)


  • Introduction, Selectors

  • Inline vs Internal vs External CSS

  • Comments

  • Colors, Backgrounds, Border

  • Margin, Padding

  • Height and Width

  • Box Model, Outline, Fonts

  • Styling Lists, Tables & Forms

  • Gradients, Font Awesome

  • Transition, Transforms, Animation


  • Introduction

  • Containers, Grid Basic

  • Typography, Jumbotron

  • Colors, Images

  • Buttons and Button Groups

  • Badges, Spinners

  • Pagination, Cards, Carousel

  • Navs and Navbar

  • Tables, Forms, Modal, Tooltip

  • Popover

  • Utility Classes


  • Introduction, Syntax

  • Variables, Comments, Data Types

  • Generating Output

  • Operators, Strings, Numbers

  • If Else, Switch, Arrays

  • Loops, Functions, Objects

  • Classes

  • Asynchronous JavaScript (promises, callbacks, async/await)

  • Closures, Type Conversion

  • Error Handling

  • ES6 Features


  • Introduction

  • Setting Up, JSX

  • Components and Props

  • State Management

  • Lifecycle Methods, Events

  • Conditional Rendering

  • Lists & Mapping

  • Forms, React Router

  • Making Request to Backend (Axios and Fetch API)

  • React Hooks

  • React Redux

Node.js and Express

  • Introduction, Setting Up

  • Creating Server, Modules, NPM

  • Handling requests

  • File System, Express intro

  • Creating Server with Express

  • Handling Request with Express

  • Express Middlewares

  • Serving Static Resources

  • Template Engines Intro

  • EJS

  • Authentication (JWT Tokens)


  • Introduction, SQL vs NoSQL

  • Setting up, Databases, Collections and Documents


  • Creating Databases, Collections and Documents

  • CRUD Operations

  • Embedded Documents

  • Schemas and Relations

  • Filtering, Populating, Limits, Pagination

  • Replica Sets, Sharding

  • MongoDB Atlas

  • Managing Clusters

API’s and Analytics

  • Gmail API

  • Drive API

  • Google Analytics


  • Firebase

  • Deploy Using Netlify

  • Deploy Using Heroku


  • Interest to learn programming

  • Computer with internet access

  • A computer - Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported. Setup and installation instructions are included for each platform

  • Basic English understanding

  • Basic Mathematical arithmetic


Welcome to the online course for learning Full Stack MERN stack development. This training is step by step and very clear. It teaches you everything you need to build your own web application in MERN stack technology.


After completing this training, you will be able to build your own web application in any of the following frameworks: Express.js, MongoDB, React.js, and Node.js The most comprehensive course on web development available. CodersArts is a reliable and valuable source for tech knowledge. This course is designed to give you a full understanding of the stack and the most opportunities for job placement

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