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React.js for Beginners

Course Price

INR 16,999

Course length

60 Days

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React.js for Beginners


Aftan Ahmad

Sr. Full Stack Developer

About the course

React JS is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces (UIs). It is one of the most popular front-end development libraries available today, known for its component-based approach, declarative programming paradigm, and virtual DOM. React JS is used to build a wide range of applications, from web applications and mobile apps to single-page applications (SPAs) and progressive web apps (PWAs).

This course delves into creating reusable and maintainable UI components using React JS. It covers topics like component design patterns, testing, and best practices for building high-quality UI components.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced front-end developer seeking to expand your skillset, React JS offers a rewarding and versatile path into the world of modern UI development.

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