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Building a Workout Tracker App with Kotlin


This course is designed for individuals who have basic programming knowledge and want to dive into the world of mobile application development.

In this course, you will learn how to build a workout tracker application using the Kotlin programming language.


By the end of this course, students will be able to create a fully functional workout-tracking application that can be used to track exercise routines, monitor progress, and set goals. They will also learn how to integrate different components of the application such as UI design, database integration, and sensor integration.


Module 1: Introduction to Kotlin

  • What is Kotlin

  • Setting up the development environment

  • Understanding the basics of Kotlin syntax

Module 2: UI Design and Development

  • Introduction to Android Studio

  • Designing the user interface

  • Implementing UI elements using XML and Kotlin

Module 3: Database Integration

  • Introduction to SQLite

  • Storing and retrieving data using SQLite

  • Creating and using databases in the application

Module 4: Sensor Integration

  • Introduction to sensors in Android

  • Integrating sensors for tracking physical activity

  • Displaying sensor data in the application

Module 5: Advanced Features

  • Implementing a goal-setting system

  • Adding a progress tracking system

  • Integrating a nutrition tracking system

Module 6: Deployment

  • Testing and debugging

  • Preparing the app for deployment

  • Publishing the app on the Google Play Store

Module 7: Conclusion

  • Review of the course

  • Overview of future development opportunities

  • Final project presentation and evaluation.

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