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Android App Development




Java or Kotlin, Android Studio

Skills to be Learned:

Android text change listeners, Algorithms for decimal to Roman numeral conversion

Roman Numeral to Decimal Number Converter

The Roman Numeral to Decimal Number Converter Android app seamlessly converts Roman numerals to decimal numbers and vice versa. It offers real-time conversion, error handling, and a user-friendly interface.

The Roman Numeral to Decimal Number Converter Android app aims to provide a handy tool for users to easily convert Roman numerals to decimal numbers. Roman numerals are a historical numeral system, and this app will simplify the process of converting them to modern decimal notation. The app also includes error handling for incorrect input symbols and offers bonus features like realtime conversion as the user types and the ability to convert from decimal to Roman numerals.

Project Timeline:

1. Project Initiation (1 day):

  • Initial project setup, planning, and requirement analysis.

  • Setting up the development environment.

2. UI Design and Input Handling (2 days):

  •  Design the user interface with input fields for Roman numerals and a button to trigger conversion.

  • Implement input validation to detect incorrect symbols and display error messages.

3. Roman to Decimal Conversion (2 days):

  • Develop the algorithm to convert Roman numerals to decimal numbers based on the provided rules.

  • Test the conversion process with various input cases.

4. Realtime Conversion (Bonus Feature) (1 days):

  •     Implement real time conversion as the user types Roman numerals, updating the decimal output field dynamically.

5. Decimal to Roman Conversion (Bonus Feature) (2 days):

  •     Add the functionality to convert decimal numbers to Roman numerals.

  •     Ensure accurate conversion and handle edge cases.

 6. User Testing and Debugging (2 days):

  •     Conduct thorough testing, including edge cases and usability testing.

  •     Address any bugs or issues discovered during testing.

 7. Documentation and Finalization (1 days):

  •     Document the project, including user manuals and technical documentation.

  •     Finalise the app for release.

Technologies Used:

  •  Programming Language: Java or Kotlin for Android app development.

  • UI/UX Design: Android XML layouts for the user interface.

  • Error Handling: Implement error handling to manage incorrect input.

  • Realtime Conversion: Utilise Android's text change listeners to achieve realtime conversion.

  • Decimal to Roman Conversion: Develop an algorithm to convert decimal numbers to Roman numerals.

  • Version Control: Git for code version control.

  • Development Environment: Android Studio for Android app development.

Learning Outcome

The Roman Numeral to Decimal Number Converter Android app project offers valuable learning outcomes for developers:

  • Android App Development: Gain practical experience in building Android applications, including user interface design and input handling.

  • Algorithm Implementation: Implement algorithms for converting Roman numerals to decimal numbers and vice versa, improving problem solving skills.

  • Error Handling: Learn how to handle user input errors gracefully, providing informative error messages.

  • Realtime Updates: Understand how to use text change listeners and dynamic UI updates for real time conversion.

  • Bonus Feature Development: Develop additional features like decimal to Roman conversion, enhancing the app's functionality.

  • User Testing: Gain experience in user testing, identifying and fixing issues to improve the app's reliability.

  • Documentation Skills: Learn how to document the project effectively, aiding in future maintenance and collaboration.

Completing this project will equip developers with a practical app in their portfolio, showcasing their Android development skills and problem solving abilities while providing a useful tool for users to work with Roman numerals.

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