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Python for Intermediate

Learn Python programming from scratch with hands-on exercises in this Intermediate friendly Python tutorial!

Language: English, Hindi

What you'll learn

  • Take your skill to the next level with the Python Intermediate programming language.

  • Learn intermediate Python concepts such as decorators, generators, context managers

  • Regular Expressions (and how to not have headaches when using them)

  • Learn parallel programming, multithreading, synchronization, locks

  • Stunning SUPPORT. I answer questions on the same day.

  • Hands - on and Exercise

  • Plot data


₹ 12, 000

₹ 16,000  

Discount 25 % off

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This course includes

  • 45 Days

  • Classroom Training

  • Full lifetime access

  • Certificate of Completion

Course Content

Python OOPs Concepts

  • Class and object

  • Attributes

  • Inheritance

  • Overloading

  • Overriding

  • Interface & Abstraction

File Handling (Input / Output)

  • Introduction

  • Opening & closing Files

  • Reading & writing Files

  • Rename & Remove Files

  • The Directories

Exception Handling

  • Error in Python Program 

  • Types of Exception

  • Exception in Python

  • Raising Exception

  • User-Defined Exception

Database Connection

  • Introduction

  • Connections

  • Executing queries

  • Transactions

  • Handling error

Regular Expression

  • Match function

  • Search function

  • Matching VS Searching

  • Modifiers

  • Patterns


  • Introduction

  • The Import Statement

  • The From…Import Statement

  • The From…Import* Statement

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • Introduction

  • Tkinter programming

  • Tkinter widgets

  • PyQT5


  • Thread

  • Starting a thread

  • Threading module

  • Synchronizing threads

  • Multithreaded Priority Queue

 Iterator, Generator, Decorators

  • Introduction

  • Iterator

  • Generator

  • Decorators


  • Interest to learn programming

  • Computer with internet access

  • A computer - Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported. Setup and installation instructions are included for each platform

  • Basic English understanding

  • Basic Mathematical arithmetic


This course is designed for Intermediate who want to learn python programming wether you are new to python or have prior experience on any programming languages. We keep in mind that while teaching candidate that he/she can learn python by the most easy and convenient ways and our training courses are so flexible to re- design course topics as pre student caliber to provide equal opportunity to all at their pace. This is classroom based python learning training located in Sector 63, Noida, India. 

Learn the fundamentals of Python by top python expert and practice problems.This course is aimed at complete beginners who have never programmed before, as well as existing programmers who want to increase their career options by learning Python.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages now a day by many good reasons like  machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence. To get those high paying jobs you need an expert knowledge of Python, and that’s what you will get from this course.

So, whether you want to learn python to get job in python programming domains or want to build your first python apps or want to switch job to python technology.Let you wish your dream and we will guide to achieve you wish.


There couldn’t be a better time for you to join the world of Python!

Can you learn Python with no experience?

Python is an easy to learn and even without any programming background you can learn PYTHON as first language. There are different reasons why Python is a good language to start.

Is Python coding easy?

Python is probably one of the easiest programming language to learn and it’s my first language.Python’s elegant syntax and dynamic typing, together with its interpreted nature, make it an ideal language for scripting and rapid application development in many areas on most platforms.

Can I learn python in a month?

Yes, you can learn If you have the basic knowledge of any of programming languages like C, C++, or Java, you can learn Python in a month. Even if you don't have any prior Programming knowledge on any programming, still you can learn Python in month.

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in programming who have no prior programming experience

  • Newer Python programmers who need a refresher on Python

  • Students taking a Python class in school who want a supplementary learning resource

  • Anyone else who is interested in learning Python

  • This course is NOT for experienced Python programmers

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