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Regression Analysis

Learn Data Preprocessing, Simple linear regression, Polynomial, Ridge, Lasso, Understanding Evaluation regression model performance and more.

What you'll learn

  • Use django for web development

  • You can build website using python and django

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₹ 12, 000

This course includes

  • 1 week -Duration

  • Online Training

  • Direct 1-on-1 sessions

  • Certificate of Completion

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Course Content

Introduction to Django web framework

  • Feature of django

  • Django web server

  • Create Virtual environment

  • Installing django

  • Understanding django environment

  • Database setup

  • MVC model

  • HTTPC concept

  • Views

  • URL mapping

  • A simple “Hello world” application


  • Django templates language

  • Creating template object

  • Tags variable and filters

  • Templates inheritance

  • Templates loading

Static file

  • Static file

  • Global static files

  • Css styling

Django model

  • Django model

  • Defining a model

  • Model inheritance

  • Basic data access

Django Admin site

  • Using admin site

  • Adding model to admin site

  • Custom field labels

  • custom model admin classes

Django Form

  • Form handling

  • Form validation and error message

  • Form display

  • Create a simple form that is accept data fromuser

User Authentication

  • User object

  • Authentication in web request

  • Authentication views

  • Authenticate data in templates

  • Customizing authentication

Course Project


  • Python programming language with OOPs concept

  • Basic knowledge of web development


CODERSARTS lets you learn regression analysis with easy to understand sessions and programming exercises that reinforce concepts. Our online regression course uses data analysis to teach the fundamentals of statistics, probability and advanced regression analysis. All courses are developed by industry experts with academic
affiliations in mathematics, statistics and computer science.
Codersarts regression analysis course is the easiest way to master advanced statistical concepts including hypothesis testing, correlation and non-parametric methods. Become a more confident data analyst through our beginner to advanced
regression course. In this course you will learn how to Use django for web development, You can build website using python and django and more.

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